Final Recess Week to Visit the McKinley Garden

Welcome to the final school week of the McKinley garden! This Thursday will be the last recess visit for the year, and Ms. Fullen's class is scheduled to visit. However please note if you are a parent of a kindergartener that is NOT in Ms. Fullen's class, but you would still like to come and volunteer, you can get your kindergarten student from lunch & bring them to the garden with you for their recess. 

If you are a parent with a volunteer badge and are coming for an afternoon class picnic on Thursday, maybe swing by early to visit the garden and help supervise, as the garden has needed a lot of student supervision lately!  

Weather note as it currently looks iffy for Thursday - unless it's an obvious, complete washout, the school waits as long as possible to call for indoor recess. Therefore, I typically do not know if the garden will be open or not until I arrive around 11 am that day. Apologies in advance if you get to the school and the garden isn't open, but I'll distribute the info as quickly as possible once I have it. 

So many thanks to the volunteers who came out this year, but a special shout out to Colleen Knoble, Rob Wolf, Tom Hagen, Harry, and Lenka Doogan for always answering the volunteer call when it's been needed the most. And advance thanks to Brenda Corey & Beth Florea for already offering to help this summer. Honestly, thanks to anyone who sets aside their work & personal responsibilities to come help the kids enjoy the garden. Trust me, I know how difficult it is to get away mid-day, but when they run up and tell you how much they love the garden, or when they taste a certain vegetable for the first time that they helped plant, or they discover a cool makes it worth it. 

The garden wouldn't continue to exist without Jennifer Sherwood and Susan Marsh - if you ever see Jenn or Susan working in the garden, please thank them for all they do to provide this amazing space for our kids! 

The garden is typically open on Wednesday evenings in the summer. Bring a picnic dinner and sit in the shade while enjoying the garden and all it has to offer. 

Unless you tell me otherwise, I will continue to send summer garden info to this email list. Please let me know if you'd like me to remove your email - no sense in clogging up your inbox with info that isn't relevant to you! 

Thank you for your support of the garden, the plant sale, and our volunteers. If I don't get a chance to see you personally later this week, have a wonderful summer...and if you are on this email list (there are 90 people on it!!), take some time to think about joining the garden committee. There is SO MUCH the garden can offer our students, but that takes committed planning & volunteers, and honestly I am just treading water to keep it afloat :) I am sure there are wonderful ideas out there and plenty of people who would contribute in amazing ways! 


Michele Cooper