McKinley Garden - Important End of Year & Summer Updates

Hello families, as with everything else towards the end of the school year, the garden gets really busy at this time, and ANY help you can offer is GREATLY appreciated. It's unfortunate timing but this is also when my work/work travel picks up, so I can't spend as much time in or on the garden. 

Please read this email in its entirety to see how you may be able to help! 

There are only four more garden recess days and the sign-ups are below. We've had a great but busy season so far and the kids seem to have even more energy than usual. If you can come out for some time during recess on Thursday to help supervise, that would be a huge help. Each kindergarten class has one more recess scheduled in the garden for the year. 

If you can't come Thursdays, we do have a Friday work day scheduled on May 31st, when high school students will also be helping to earn service hours. The work time is 9 am - 2 pm. Activities will include weeding, mulching, cleaning & organizing the shed, watering (depending on the weather leading up to that date), and planting. This is also an excellent time for 5th/6th grade parents to work on getting the garden ready for the 6th grade reception. If you can come that Friday, please reply to me in this email and let me know what time you plan to assist. 

Although school closes for the summer, the garden still keeps on growing! We need families to volunteer to be "on call" for watering (meaning - if it's hot & dry with no rain in the forecast, you'll need to go water the garden). It would be helpful if families could volunteer for the following time frames - once you volunteer, I can walk you through the process. 

Help desperately needed:

  • June 21 - 24

  • Week of July 14th 

  • July 24 - 31

  • August 17 - 24

...and possibly some other pop-up dates as well. If you know you will be in town any of those dates, please let me know! 

The garden is typically open for families one evening a week in the summer to bring a picnic, pick any fruits or veggies that are available, do an activity, etc. The day has not yet been decided, please stay tuned to the last few emails for the year for information on that. 

Thank you,

Michele Cooper