Thursday, May 2nd garden - same day as Race for Education

Hello garden volunteers,

The Race for Education was moved from this past Friday to this coming Thursday, May 2nd. It is starting AFTER normal recess times, so I've confirmed with the school that all the students will still have their normal recess times, and therefore the garden would be open at recess.

However, I can't open without enough adult volunteers for student supervision, and I know some people may use their time Thursday to volunteer for RFE instead. Therefore, it's important that you let me know - either via the sign-up genius link, replying to this email, or texting me at 202-361-6302 - if you plan on coming to the garden on Thursday. If I don't receive enough responses by Wednesday, we won't be able open the garden for recess this week. 

Alternatively though, if you are planning on coming to RFE anyway, it would be great to come a little early and spend time in the garden too!! 

Ms. DiMaria's kindergarten class is scheduled to visit if the garden opens.

I'll send email updates as necessary this week.

Thank you! 


Michele Cooper